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Coyote Portrait

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16 x 20" Charcoal on paper

Concept & Process:
This piece was created as part of a series to raise awareness about urban wildlife, and how we can safely coexist. By creating a detailed, life-sized portrait I hope to bring more appreciation for one of the most adaptable wild canines of the world. When we see a portrait, we are able to glimpse the world from their perspective by putting ourselves in their place. If we can learn to understand and respect our wild neighbours, we can better protect them and maintain the balance and peace between humans and coyotes

Exhibition history: 
Derrick Club 2022

Frame & Shipping:
19.75" x 27.5" x 0.8" Black oak frame matted to 16" x 20". Lightweight and durable plexiglass cover. FSC Certified solid oak frame designed in Montreal and sustainably sourced. 
Shipping via Canada Post in a box, packed and handled with care. Processing time is 2-5 business days plus shipping.

Learn more about coexisting with urban coyotes here:
In-person viewing available at the Derrick Club.
Process video coming soon.