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Lesbi-bun Sticker

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Lesbian people are female-identified who are attracted to other female-identified people. The word ‘lesbian’ came from a female poet who wrote many love letters to other women around 600 BCE. ⁠

The flag was created in the late 1960s to differentiate themselves from gay men. There are many variations including butch and labrys lesbian flags. The colours of red, purple, and pink represent traditionally feminine colours. ⁠

Sticker info
Subtle, punny pride flag animal stickers. Waterproof and scratch-resistant, perfect for your water bottle, laptop, bike helmet or more. Full-colour digital print on vinyl, matte laminated, cut to shape. Size: 2" - 2.5" wide. Printed locally in Edmonton, AB Canada. 

For a cause!
A portion of proceeds from each decal sold will support a local LGBTQ2S+ charity - the Shane Scott Pride Fund. Raising funds to support LGBTQ2S+ students pursuing post-secondary education.